Workshop Registration

With just two weeks to go before the Conference it's time to personalize your training experience. Now is the time to let us know which workshops you would like to attend and at what time. PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Campaign Communication and Volunteer Engagement are offered both on Saturday and Sunday so there are lots of opportunity to get trained in those areas.

Canvassing and Campaign Management are being offered in two levels and we strongly recommend that you take the 101 level on Saturday before taking the 201 course on Sunday.

NationBuilder 101 is being offered several time during both days. When the computer lab is not in use for the workshop training, we encourage you to use the lab to explore the program and build-up your skill set. There will be a trainer in the room though out the weekend to lend a hand if you get stuck.

Once you have made your choices online you will receive your personal agenda when you check in at the Conference. To help us get your registration package together as soon as possible, please complete the on-line survey by the end of the day on Thursday, Sept 25th.

Need a little more information before making your picks? You can find descriptions of each of the courses by CLICKING HERE or FOLLOW THIS LINK to view the entire workshop schedule.


Which workshop session in the Saturday, Oct 4th 11:30pm – 1pm time slot would you like to attend?

The following topics of workshops are being offered several times during Oct 4th and 5th. Additional areas of interests/topics will also be available during the conference. You will be able to sign-up for those at registration time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Conference.
Volunteer Engagement with Nick Whitehead
Campaign Management 101 with Brian Rice
Canvass Training 101 with Andrew Radzik
Nation Builder with Sven Biggs and Team
Communications with Tammy Lea Meyer

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